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People are the greatest resource! We are seeking 70 individuals committed to $50 or more per month for one year once we launch. We want to do this for two reasons: while we need some regular support, what we really want is a grassroots base of real relationships with people who understand the work, and are invested with more than money. During the first year, this regular partnership will enable us to pay a graphic designer and marketer to build out some resources already in planning phases. One of the first resources will be an 8 week course on Shame and Violence in American Society. With the coming election year in the United States, we think this has potential to equip people for navigating political polarization, and many other important issues. These 70 partners will also allow us to seek further funding to keep the Institute going strong for the future. In addition to 70 regular partners, we are seeking $20,000 to cover special project needs, like hiring a videographer for curriculum development, paying our graphic designer for extra project work, covering start up costs, etc. Reach out if you have any questions or want to learn more!

Commit to Partner

Thank you for your interest in helping us launch The All Things Institute!

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