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God Loves the Little You Have

All great things have small beginnings. This mighty redwood was once just a piece of a pine cone. Even the God of the universe was "little" once, small enough to fit inside the womb, and be born in the likeness of humankind. And yet, we so often despise what seems "little"!

The journey of building a team of financial partners over the last few months has been a learning experience to say the least. One of the things I've learned is that in general, people think that bigger is always better; not only that, but people feel embarrassed if they can't be a "big" contributor.

I get apologies from people like:

“Well, it’s not much, but I really want to be a part of your work.”

“Sorry, it’s all I can do.”

"Wish it could be more!"

Or even, “Am I allowed to sign on if it’s only for $10?”

Praise God that as of this last week, I officially have 43% of my monthly support committed! And you know what? Most of it is not from "big" givers at all.

In fact, over 50% of all my current support comes from commitments of $50 or less.

Of course I'm immensely grateful for people who give bigger amounts, but the fact is that I wouldn’t be where I'm at now without the folks who partner with me for $10 or $25 a month. And I can't tell you what a great encouragement it is just to have those people on my team, and to know that they're also praying and following my story along with their investments, something that is true no matter how "big" the amount is.

So often we let the "littleness" of what we have to offer in our own eyes, keep us from participating in God's work. We might think we have "little" to offer in the way of talents, or knowledge, or money, or even time. We don't think that we have enough to really make a difference, and we let that mindset cripple us and keep us from joining in. We seem to think that if we're not the best or the biggest, that it's better for us not to participate. Even in our moral and spiritual life, we often don't make the little changes we could make, because the "big" changes are too overwhelming. If we can't start a fully raw vegan diet, we won't even try to cut back on sugar. If we find it too hard to wake up early every day to pray, we won't even try to wake up on some days to pray.

But what if, on one of those "little" mornings of prayer, you were to make a big request that God decides to answer? What if the "little" change you try to make becomes the basis for total transformation?

What if the little you have is God's mustard seed for changing your life or someone else's?

What's "little" in our eyes might be huge in the eyes of God or someone else. We have no way of knowing how a really big God will use our "little" acts of faith to do really big things, and to let us see His mighty acts. He doesn't need much to make a lot! If He could take a few crackers and sardines and make a feast for thousands, He can take whatever talents, knowledge, love, faith, or resources you have and make it into something great for His Kingdom.

Don't be embarrassed by whatever it is that God have given you. If He gave it to you, and gave you the heart to use it for His work, then He has a purpose for it! If He gave it to you, it's because it is precious to Him, and because you are precious to Him too. And in His hands, the little you have may be greater than someone else's "big" talent or resource. In His hands, the little you have may be the spark that lights a great fire, the pebble that slays a giant, or the mustard seed that moves a mountain.

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