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Politics and Polarization

Why it seems to be getting worse, and what we can do about it through the good news of peace.

Race and Imagination

Rethinking race and identity in the church and American society for more united Christian communities.

Sexuality and Original Glory

Tools for taking new approaches to conversations around gender, sexuality, and our God-given need for connection.

Missing Peaces

Learn how to better understand and love the deconstructing, disillusioned, and disenchanted.

Non-Profit and Community Orgs

Identity Addiction

Addiction is a form of violence against oneself which follows a similar pattern to violence against others. Learn how our research can provide a more comprehensive view of addiction and the growing addiction crisis.

Building Bridges

Learn how an awareness of shame and identity dynamics can help you reach those you haven't yet, and foster greater unity wherever you have an impact.

Connecting Cultures

The culture workshop helps participants to better understand their own culture as a gateway to building stronger connections and communication with people of other cultures.

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