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and mental health.

A lot of things seem to be getting worse.

But there is good news! And we can all take a part in a different approach.

The All Things Institute is seeking to launch in 2024. Our goal is to share and further fresh, evidence-based approaches to violence of all kinds.

For the past three years, a project has been underway investigating the roots of violence. This project has worked across disciplines to seek diverse cultural resources, research in social sciences, and spiritual understanding.


The project began by asking questions about Christian complicity in mass violence. But we quickly realized that we were gaining fresh and innovative insights which applied to the problems everyone is facing, not just Christians. 


So we are launching a research and learning institute to share these ideas and practical tools with everyone: in churches, organizations, businesses, and every day life. 

Violence, addiction, polarization, and mental health are getting worse.

We need a different approach.




This is one of our key findings.


Every human being desires to belong to a world where they are seen, known, loved, and celebrated.

We call this the desire for glory.

And when we don't have that, we will do almost anything to try and get it. 

The implications of this are far-reaching for our communities and our personal lives. They apply to violence, political polarization, division, addiction, worsening mental health, and violence against oneself.

Renewing Imagination for Peace 

"The Peace Project" is about learning to imagine ourselves and our communities from the standpoint of good news for peace.

We explore questions about peace and violence through diverse scholarly disciplines, and with diverse global conversation partners. We are particularly interested in how shame, identity, and imagination make people prone to committing acts of violence, either against themselves or others.

Help us Launch 

new initiatives for peaceful imagination

The center of our work is real relationships, real people, and real communities. 

That commitment means we are working to build grassroots support for our efforts. We want people who know us and who are invested not only with finances, but with heart and soul. 


Right now, we are seeking 70 people who will commit to partner with us for $50 a month for 1 year while we get The Peace Project off the ground. We are also looking for one time gifts. If you resonate with our work so far, please consider becoming an early investor! 


Come join the conversation. Whether you belong to a church, non-profit, business, or are just an every day person, we have four primary ways to begin:


through media resources

Books, videos, curriculum, and more are currently in the works! 

We would love to share and learn with your organization, church, or other community group.

We seek to shed light on the roots causes of division, polarization, and social separation in your church, organization, or community. We also help businesses and organizations think through good peacemaking ethics in marketing and practices.

by investing in our work

We can only do what we do because we have a team of grassroots financial partners, volunteers, and those committed to pray. 

S I G N   U P   F O R  

M O N T H L Y   N E W S

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