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We are a research institute working alongside             and                        to create evidence-based, holistic resources for community healing and peace.



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Evidence-Based & Spirit-Led

We take a fresh approach to violence studies incorporating three main areas of knowledge:

Social Sciences

These include psychology, sociology, anthropology, criminology, and more.

Diverse Cultural Resources

One of the best ways to gain perspective on our own limitations is to listen to those who are different from us and learn from their experience. This helps us to see what we can’t see yet and open our eyes to untapped resources and possibilities.

Spiritual and Symbolic Frameworks 

Many experts on violence are increasingly recognizing the need to account for the symbolic and spiritual dimensions of violence. 

The Peace Project:
a holistic approach

Religious Trauma is Real

As we engage with spirituality and religious texts, we recognize the effects of religious trauma and wrongdoing in the name of God.


Religious trauma affects the way we engage too. And the violence caused by religious institutions, systems, and beliefs is one more area in need of healing.  

Our contribution to the conversation on violence is grounded in the teachings of Jesus, and in lesser-known Christian spiritual traditions. But we do not exist to defend the church or defend religion! Our goal is also not to convince you to see things "our way." 

Instead, we want to offer frameworks or lenses that could help you see your life, vocation, and community more clearly.

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“Studying the symbolism of violence and, further, addressing its spiritual aspects will initially seem to lie outside the domain of a scientific study of violence…[but] it is difficult, if not impossible, to address the problem without this consideration.”

- Bandy Lee

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Help Us Launch

with an aligned and sustainable foundation

The center of our work is real relationships, real people, and real communities. 

That commitment means we are working to build grassroots support for our efforts. We want people who know us and who are invested not only with finances, but with heart and soul. 

Right now, we are seeking 70 people who will commit to partner with us for $50 a month for 1 year while we get The Peace Project off the ground. We are also looking for one time gifts. If you resonate with our work so far, please consider joining our grassroots community!

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Engage With Us

Learn Together

through media resources


Books, videos, curriculum, and more are currently in the works!

Discern Together

through consulting


We seek to shed light on the roots causes of division, polarization, and social separation in your church, organization, or community. We also help businesses and organizations think through good peacemaking ethics in marketing and practices.

Walk Together

by investing in our work


We can only do what we do because of a team of grassroots financial partners and volunteers, and those commited to pray.

Discover the different phases for our launch to see how you can

be involved!

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