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Phase l

building a grassroots base

70 people

commiting $50 a month

for 1 year

This will enable us to:

  • Pay our scholar-in-residence (Kristin) full-time

  • Pay our graphic designer (Isa) part-time

  • Develop complete resources

  • Seek further funding in Phase II

Here are some of the big ones

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our grassroots launch explained

Sharing our work requires a wide range of resources to be effective, but the greatest resource is always people, and transformation always happens through relationships. 

​The greatest resource is always people.

Grassroots support diversifies our community, conversations, and perspectives.

We want people who believe in our shared work, who will be part of our community, and who could offer their own gifts, perspectives, connections, and resources in mutually beneficial ways. 

Grassroots support allows intellectual work to stay free and faithful to truth.

Launch Phases

We want to build the

All Things Institute in a way that's consistent with the

 we believe in.


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When intellectual work is dependent on large grants or major donors, this can hinder the pursuit of evidence and willingness to publish the truth. Many times, grant funding is dependent on particular outcomes. But, we only conduct fresh research because we're not sure of what we will find. And when work rides on major donors, researchers can be tempted to shape their work in ways that fit the beliefs of those people.

Diverse grassroots partnership can take longer to build, but provides greater freedom to stay true to the evidence and our own convictions.

Would you accept large donations or grant funding?

Yes! But, even if we do gain major donors, we still want to ensure that our intellectual work is always backed by a larger community of grassroots partners too. And if we receive grant funding, we hope it can be directed to on-the-ground efforts at putting our principles into practice in the real world.

Phase ll

building a full-time team

an additional 50 grassroots partners donating $50 a month

one-time gifts to reach 
$20,000 in total

This will enable us to:

  • Fund both Andres and Isa full-time

  • Create original Spanish-language and bilingual resources

  • Create podcasts and further media 

  • Start new initiatives in creative arts


Phase lll

expanding our reach

In Phase III, we hope to:

Support more organizations, churches,

and other institutions in the great work they are already doing.

Increase our educational efforts and reach.

Help to launch on-the-ground,

community-led efforts for building peace around the world!

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