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sample resources

We are working on different resources to help communities implement research and theory in a practical way.

Below, you can view Week 1 of an 8 Week curriculum specifically designed for churches. We also have two brochures applying some of our big ideas to specific topics.

 the cycle of shame + violence explained

applying the big ideas to specific topics

view our sample package for churches

Outline for 8 Week Church Curriculum

Week 1: Intro (As Seen Above)

  • A Story of Glory

  • Why are you joining this course?

  • The Connection Between Shame and Violence

  • Our Call as Peacemakers

  • What to Expect

Week 2: The Longing for Glory

  • Defining Glory: God’s Relational Beauty

  • Shame: When Glory is Lost

  • Our Purpose: To Share God’s Glory with Him Again

Week 3: Cain, Abel, and Violence Multiplied

  • The Seduction of Lesser Glories

  • Shame and Violence in the Garden

  • Mercy for the Shame of Cain

  • Powers, Principalities, and Violence

Week 4: Shame, Culture and Community

  • The Impact of Powers in Community

  • Defending Shame: The Potential for Transformation

  • Shame, Violence, and Individualism in Western Culture

Week 5: How Does a Community Transform Shame?

  • Reintegrative vs. Disintegrative Shaming

  • The Ephesians Humanity

Week 6: Society, Identity, and Polarization

  • Intergroup Cycles of Shame and Violence

  • The Law of Group Polarization

  • Identity in the Cross

  • The Acts Community: Why Life Together Matters

Week 7: Culture and Our Stories of Shame

  • God’s Purpose in Cultural Diversity

  • Community Inventory Tools

  • Telling Our Stories of Shame

Week 8: Bringing it Down to Earth

  • Four Principles and Four Provocations

  • Prayer and Discussion on Community Action

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